About GWNN

Who is The Group With No Name (aka “GWNN” )

The Group With No Name (or GWNN-pronounced Gwen) is a non-commercial, non-profit, social, support, and education group for adults interested in BDSM, S&M, Dominance, Submission, Bondage, and related topics.

Why we don’t have a name:

Originally, we started out in 1993 with just organizing dinner socials for interested people. At that time, we did not think there was sufficient interest in a full organization here in Austin. Other attempts at starting full BD/SM organizations had fallen flat. Because of this, we decided not to make up a full organization, complete with a snappy name right at the outset. As it turned out, there is in fact, sufficient interest, but by the time we realized that,┬ápeople had grown used to us being “The Group With No Name”.

Why we are here:

We are here to have fun! The primary purpose is social, along with support and education in a social setting. To this end, we put on monthly dinner socials (munch) so that people can meet and get to know one another in a comfortable setting. In addition, we put on BDSM play parties for our members in the Austin, Texas area. The parties are open to all members and their guests. Note that we ask that people attend at least one munch before coming to a party. This functions as our orientation to the group, as well as a chance for new people to meet some of the others so that their first party experience is more comfortable.

Our non-philosophy:

We are several hundred people, ranging in age from 18 to 60-something. We are about 55% male, 45% female, about 30% couples, 70% singles, and we are generally pretty friendly.


Want to join? Visit GWNNAUSTIN.COM and look for us on Fetlife.